Make nail ridges go away

Most nail ridges appear as horizontal marks or creases that signal tissue damage or an illness that you are not aware of yet. Sometimes they show up as white bumps or grooves, and they are the sign of liver ailments or even heart disease. On the other hand, vertical ridges show that you are either using the wrong cosmetics or that you are dealing with a hygiene issue.

No more nail ridges

Fortunately, you can make nail ridges of all kinds go away if you use one or more of these remedies:

  • Use a nourishing nail treatment
  • Make changes to your diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Polish the ridges off of your nails

Read on to find out how you can restore natural texture and color to your nails!

Use a highly nourishing topical solution

The first step in curing nail ridges should be identifying the cause of their appearance. A medical exam is recommended, but you should also take action in reducing the visible damage. A good practice is to use a highly nourishing treatment with the topical application that restores the natural form of your nails quickly and safely.

Your best choice in this regard is ZetaClear – natural treatment for nails specifically developed to treat infections, bumps, and ridges. This organically sourced remedy repairs the damaged down to the deepest layers of the nail bed. In just a few weeks of daily use, you can regain the full health of your nails with minimum effort. This fast-acting, easy-to-use solution allows you to focus on your health condition without worrying about the appearance of your nails.
Infections Nail Ridges

Review your nutritional plan

According to medical studies, one of the primary causes for horizontal ridges on your nails is malnutrition. This happens because of a diet that lacks nutrients or due to your body’s inability to absorb vitamins and minerals. In both cases, you need to take immediate action and review your nutritional plan. Reduce the amount of processed food, sugar and alcohol in your diet. All these ingredients can damage your liver and increase the deterioration of your nails.

A quick way of restoring a nutrient balance in your body is to use the oral spray from Just a single puff of this solution is enough to replenish the depleted levels of vitamins and nutrients in your blood. Through a unique mix of potent herbal extracts and organic acids, this formula for damaged nails increases your body’s ability to get rid of ridges naturally and without any side effects.

Stay hydrated

Vertical ridges should not be a serious reason for concern. More than often, these creases show that you are dehydrated. In this case, the solution is simple: increase the amount of water you drink every day, and reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Polish out the ridges

This method is only applicable when the ridges on your hands are in their initial stages. Using a buffing tool, you can polish out the creases through gentle strokes. Once the bumps have disappeared, you can use a high-quality polish to cover your fingernails.

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